Effective eCommerce Website

Start Selling Online

Jamii Digital offers the most innovative E-commerce website development and Design solutions in Kenya. If you are a small business owner and want to grow your business globally, an e-commerce website is a perfect choice for you. Now, it is very easy to spread a business via an e-commerce platform and attract potential customers as well.
Through an e-commerce website, you can lower down your cost like inventory management costs, cost of a huge staff to deal with customers, and similarly many other costs. A big advantage of cutting down the cost is to attract more customers by offering products at low costs as compared to other competitors.

What Are Other Advantages of having an Ecommerce Website?


  1. You will have a visitor tracking record.
  2. It can have absolute inventory control.
  3. Customized dashboard to customers.
  4. Customer login form for maintaining customer record.
  5. Multiple option of payment.
  6. Some magic offers for old and new customers.
  7. You may generate sales reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

Features of eCommerce Website

Focus on Product
Product Details
Product Filtering
Shopping Cart
Shopping Options
Payment Systems