Pay Only for Actual Advertisement

Climbing the organic search rankings for keywords can take many months, if not longer.   Whilst a necessary portion of any digital strategy, sometimes there is a need for more instant results.

This is where PPC comes into its own.  We can design and implement a campaign for your business that will start driving targeted traffic to your business instantly.

As a professional Pay Per Click Agency, we provide a transparent, on-going management service to ensure your paid advertising campaign continues to deliver and will remain optimized at all times. This involves members of our team of marketing experts monitoring and improving your campaigns on a very regular basis. In larger campaigns, this could be as much as twice daily.

The service that our PPC agency in Kenya will kick start your online presence and deliver highly targeted traffic with easily measurable conversions.  Our Adwords agency values include transparency, so your monthly PPC advertising report will detail exactly what is happening and where your media budget is being spent.

Advertise in the top positions

Our PPC experts help you advertise in the top spots across Google Search, Display and Shopping, as well as on Bing.

Increase your conversions

With continuous optimisations we’ll ensure that you meet your goals and increase your conversions.

Campaign optimisation

We’ll manage and optimise all aspects of your PPC campaign including bids, audience targeting, devices and ad copy to ensure high campaign performance.