Grab market-share from your competitors and get your products in front of buyers

When people are Googling information for a specific product, they are often ready to buy – they basically have their credit card in their hand!

And that’s the precise power of Google Shopping Ads.

No matter your industry, the ability to get a clickable image of your products on the top of Google Search Ads is an opportunity you can no longer ignore.

Google Shopping Ads are the cornerstone of Ecommerce marketing. In fact, did you know that…

  • Google Shopping Ads win 86% of all clicks (versus text ads)
  • Google is where 36% of all product searches initiate
  • Before making an in-store purchase, over 70% of smartphone users looked up information online
  • Google shopping spend grew by 41% from the prior year

The numbers don’t lie. If your online store isn’t investing in Google Shopping Ads, then you are leaving an enormous amount of money on the table.

But how do you set up your Google Shopping Ads in a way that is designed for conversions and delivers you an insane ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)?

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