Is your ideal customer part of the under 30 demographic? If so, then you want to take advantage of Instagram’s new and effective digital advertising platform. Instagram boasts over 800 million, active monthly users, and 60% of those users are under the age of 30. For brands who cater to a younger audience, getting started with Instagram marketing can significantly grow your audience and sales numbers.

Why has Instagram become such a popular social media platform? While slogans and text are essential components that help you uniquely position your brand, people respond more readily and easily to visuals. Part of the reason why Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram are so popular with consumers is because they are visual, interactive platforms.


People want to learn more about your brand. Your target audience is out there searching for precisely what you have to offer that’s going to improve their lives. But one of two issues is probably preventing them from easily finding and engaging with your company:

  • You’re not easy to find.
  • They don’t have time for you to explain yourself.

As a business owner, it’s not necessarily your job to go out and find customers. What’s most likely to work for your company is if you make it easy for your ideal customer to find you. Advertising online takes care of that first obstacle toward greater brand awareness.

As for the second issue, visual advertising is one of the most effective ways to grab people’s attention and to get them to understand what your brand or product is all about. Instagram marketing is an excellent way to showcase your unique positioning through eye-catching, informative ads. More than 2 million companies are advertising on Instagram right now because it works so well.

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